1. Sample preparations
2. Fluid Inclusion Standards
1. Raman Spectrometer (Jobin Yvon)
2. Microthermometers (LINKAM stages)
x mixture H2O-CO2
Tm(CO2) = -56.6 degree C
Tm(clathrate) = +9.9 degree C
The laboratory is open for the use of the following apparatuses (contact):
The following products can be obtained from our laboratory (contact):
thin sections (30 micrometer thickness)
thick sections (doubly polished, 100 to 200 micrometer thickness)
The costs of usage are calculated by the hour
Fluid inclusions Short Courses (contact):
3 days course / 5 days course
- historical overview fluid inclusion research
- analytical methods
- applications to a variety of geological disciplines
- thermodynamics
- computer exercises
- microscope exercises
- microthermometry exercises
The courses can be held at your institute and adapted to your needs on special demand
x pure H2O x mixture H2O-NaCl
Tm(H2O) = 0.0 degree C
Th(H2O,critical) = 374.0 degree C
Tm(ice, hydrohalite) = -21.0 degree C