News Archive (2006 -2016)
European Current Research on Fluid Inclusions - XXIII
The Sorby Conference on Fluid and Melt Inclusions
26-28 June 2015 Leeds (UK)
University of Leeds
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Bakker RJ (2015) How microthermometry and eq. mass fraction NaCl can spoil your highly sophisticated LA-ICP-MS data of fluid inclusions. ECROFI XXIII, Leeds, Extended Abstracts Volume, 27-29.
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European Mineralogical Conference (EMC 2016), Rimini (Italia)
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Bakker RJ (2016) Centre position (in wavenumber) of Raman bands of gases in fluid inclusions. EMC 2, Rimini 2016.
Fluid Inclusion Short Course Leoben, No. 10 (11-13 April 2018)
Pan-American Current Research on Fluid Inclusions - XIV
11-16 June 2018 Rice University, Houston (US of A)
Asian Current Research on Fluid Inclusions - VII
11-17 September 2018 Beijing, China
New publication:
Bakker RJ (2018) AqSo_NaCl: Computer program to calculate p-T-V-x properties in the H2O-NaCl fluid system applied to fluid inclusion research and pore fluid calculation. Computers and Geosciences, vol.115, 122-133.
Thimotheus Steiner, Veronika Gartner, Georg Partlic, Kathryn Layr, Arlina Fiedrich, Fany Gordon, Anna Helmberg, Ayten Caputcu, Cyrielle Bernard, Sayeh Rezazadeh