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European Current Research on Fluid Inclusions - XXIII
The Sorby Conference on Fluid and Melt Inclusions
26-28 June 2015 Leeds (UK)
University of Leeds
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Bakker RJ (2015) How microthermometry and eq. mass fraction NaCl can spoil your highly sophisticated LA-ICP-MS data of fluid inclusions. ECROFI XXIII, Leeds, Extended Abstracts Volume, 27-29.
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Fluid Inclusion Short Course Leoben, No. 9 (3-5 May 2017)
Reproducibility is an unknown concept in geological sciences. Especially fluid inclusion studies suffer from the lack of this concept. But, what do we expect? We do not have the time and the money. As a consequence of this, we must perform an optimal job, with the best possible results. Petrography, analytical methods, thermodynamics, and computer modeling (and a very critical mind) are the fundaments for the best job. A three day short course in fluid inclusions is again organized in Leoben, that will attend these principles in fluid inclusion research.
The attendance is free for academics (industry: 300,-- Euro). Documents in the form of a USB stick with all the course material and handouts: 20,-- Euro. Drinks, cookies and other goodies in the coffee-breaks are for free.
Please send an email to if you want to attend this short course.
European Current Research on Fluid Inclusions 2017
23-29 June 2017 Nancy (France)
European Mineralogical Conference (EMC 2016), Rimini (Italia)
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Bakker RJ (2016) Centre position (in wavenumber) of Raman bands of gases in fluid inclusions. EMC 2, Rimini 2016.
Anna Friebel, Sabine Walther, Denny Droesler, Pedro Nogueira, Nico Kropp, Daniel Ramirez, Paris Valdespino, Alexandre Cugerone, Mara Cipriani, Sabine Haser, Patrick Krolup, Barbara Marchesini, Elena Mraz.