General Research Topics:
1. Analytical Methods
Volume fraction estimations of vapour bubbles
Shape definitions of inclusions
Salt-hydrates analyses with Raman spectroscopy
Raman determined melting temperatures (e.g. eutectics)
2. Computer Programming
User-interface (in C++) for direct application of thermodynamics
Clathrate melting (gas-hydrates)
Fluid inclusion melting and homogenisation temperatures
3. Experimental Petrology
Synthesis of fluid inclusions in quartz, fluid system H2O-salt, H2O-gas
Salts: NaCl, CaCl2, MgCl2, KCl, FeCl2, etc ...
Gases: CO2, N2
Re-equilibration experiments, diffusion, leakage i n quartz
Synthetic inclusions in garnet
4. Magmatic Fluids
Arkaroola (South Australia) diopside-titanite pegmatites
5. Metamorphic Fluids
Southern Aravalli Mountain Belt (India)
Central Dronning Maud Land (Antarctica), fluid-mineral reactions in plagioclase
6. Petroleum
Modelling of petroleum fluids (PIT)
7. Sedimentary Fluids
Cantabrian Mountains (Spain), dolomitisation processes
Prague Basin (Czechie)
8. Thermodynamics
p-T-V-x modelling of fluid properties
Helmholtz energy functions
Equations of state
Critical points