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Bakker RJ (2015) How microthermometry and eq. mass fraction NaCl can spoil your highly sophisticated LA-ICP-MS data of fluid inclusions. ECROFI XXIII, Leeds, Extended Abstracts Volume, 27-29.
New Software: Loner HGK
Cocoa Intel, MacOS X, El Capitan
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Raman Spectroscopy
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Bakker RJ (2016) Centre position (in wavenumber) of Raman bands of gases in fluid inclusions. EMC 2, Rimini 2016.
New publications:
Bakker RJ (2019) Package Fluids. Part 5: The NaCl-H2O system in fluid inclusion research and applications of the software AqSo_NaCl (Bakker, 2018). Chemical Geology, vol. 525, 400-413.
participants: Solomon Rebso Abebe, Florian Altenberger, Muhammed Awais, Parisa Babaie, Anouk Borst,
Juraj Bulek, Sakthi Chinnasamy, Marta Codeco, Tomasz Ćwiertnia, Saumyodeep Das, Kyle Dayton,
Christie H. Engelmann de Oliveira, Adrian Finch, Yi-Chia Lu, Marcus Mueller Bicca, Magdalena Ozog,
Debasis Pal, Manash Jyoti Saikia, Neeraj Kumar Sharma, Kris Sokol, Johnny Song, Sheng-Rong Song,
Jozef Vlasáč, Chyi Wang, Peiyu Wu
Bakker RJ (2018) AqSo_NaCl: Computer program to calculate p-T-V-x properties in the H2O-NaCl fluid system applied to fluid inclusion research and pore fluid calculation. Computers and Geosciences, vol. 115, 122-133.
Hot topics:
The first online fluid inclusion short course in Leoben took place this year in June (7 to 9) 2021
countries: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, India, Iran, Poland, Scotland, Slovakia, Taiwan, USA
The perfection of Raman spectroscopic gas densimeters
new publication !
Program PURES
to calculate properties of pure gases: water, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen, ethane, oxygen, ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, heavy water, argon, propane, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, helium. Special adaptations for fluid inclusion research.
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corresponding oral presentation at the e-CROFI 2021 (with acoustics):
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Journal of Raman Spectroscopy (2021)
new software of the FLUIDS package:
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Program LonerAP
to calculate fluid properties in the H2O-CO2-CH4-NaCl-KCl system, after the equations of state from Anderko and Pitzer (1993a, b) and Duan et al. (1995, 2003). Special adaptations for fluid inclusion research.
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